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Hardwood or Not ?

Benefits and drawbacks of solid hardwood furniture for you.

A friend expecting their first child moved to a bigger house recently. They put a lot of their old furniture including her own childhood old wooden dresser in storage to sell or recycle later. Like a lot of young families being excited for their first born, they spent a lot of money on top of brand stroller and baby stuff and clothes. They purchased a cheap drawer to organize the baby clothes and stuff online and spent half a day to assemble the parts and the dresser was ready. But after only a few weeks of using the dresser, it began to wobble, the drawers were stiff and squeaked. She desperately decided to take her old wooden dresser out of storage.
The wooden dresser had survived her entire childhood and adolescence and it could certainly stand up to the constant use for a new-born. It was several decades old, but the finish still looked pretty good, only a few scratches on the top that took five minutes sanding and a little wood oil to look good again. The dresser could stand without wobbling and the drawers perfectly functional without sagging and getting stuck or squeaking.

Quality hardwood furniture

My friend’s experience shows both the benefits and drawbacks of solid hardwood furniture. Quality hardwood furniture is stronger and much more durable than prefabricated and flat-packed furniture. It’ll also preserves its good shape for much longer than cheaply-made furniture, such as those made of vaneer boards consisting of a thin veneer of hardwood attached to a lighter and less expensive material like mdf or chipboard.

The most important benefit of hardwood furniture is its strength. Furniture tops in hardwood keep their shape in decades; they are not easily scratched, but if accident happens, they can be sanded and oiled to get back to new-look condition. In one word, hardwood furniture is child and pet-friendl. High quality furniture retains its value and natural charm over decades.
Direct sunlight, more specifically ultraviolet light can change wood color and damage its surface. The wood oil finish can protect the furniture to some extent. Repairing damage is possible but requires patience and skill. However regular maintainance to protecting your hardwood furniture from moiosture and direct ultraviolet light prolongs its life and endures its natural beauty for generations.
Tonorex Design is dedicated to crafting exclusive high quality furniture for your space. Our furniture is customized to meet your requirements and your style. We provide you with possibility to create your own high-end furniture from best european white oak and beech hardwoods and a handfull of different finishes. You can also add a touch of luxury to your furniture by choosing stone top for your hardwood furniture.

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